About ProjectREST

ProjectREST, a collaborative monthly respite program for adoptive families, support and transform the lives of families and children in this community. ProjectREST  gives parents a planned, monthly opportunity to have a daylong break. Parents have the benefit of an extended number of hours to accomplish tasks, relax and re-energize, or reconnect with other family members. Children experience a day of therapeutic and fun activities that build skills they can use at home to calm down; build peer relationships that are successful, and have a chance to interact with other children who have lived through similar circumstances.

If we don’t support adoptive families, we risk allowing children to languish in foster care. As recently as 2011, Virginia was ranked 49th out of the 50 states for the HIGHEST number of children who AGE OUT of foster care without any plan for a permanent family. A lack of available services is often the lament we hear for why families are hesitant to come forward to adopt; foster parents won’t risk losing services they can get in foster care; new families are concerned they won’t find the support they will need to be successful.

What We Do

Take a look at our video to learn about how ProjectREST supports families…

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